Catford Hill Climb. Starting Block.Catford Hill Climb.  1st. competitor Mercedes Tallo sets off.Catford Hill Climb, Louise Moriarty just after the start.Catford Hill Climb,Trevor Whittock just after the start.Catford Hill Climb, The riders prepare at the start.Catford Hill Climb.David Franklyne walks down to the start.Catford Hill Climb.Catford Hill Climb. A marshall taking photographs.Catford Hill Climb. Gordon Roland Pedan.Catford Hill Climb. Peter Nuttall.Catford Hill Climb.Catford Hill Climb.Catford Hill Climb.Tim StevensCatford Hill Climb. Jack Jeffery.Catford Hill Climb. Daniel Eckersley.Catford Hill Climb. Matt Melville.Catford Hill Climb. Jonathan Shubert.Catford Hill Climb. Pete Tadros.Catford Hill Climb. Matthew Pilkington.Catford Hill Climb. Winner Robert Gough.